ECO Silver House - Low Energy Residental Building in Ljubljana
  • ECO Silver House!galerija-23!ECO Silver House;
    Based on PHPP calculation required energy for heating is 14kWh/m2a which ranks building as passive (PHI).
    Based on Slovenian Energy Card issued by GI ZRMK building ranks in highest A1 energy class with needed heat for heating 8kWh/m2a, use of primary energy 85kWh/m2a and 20kg/m2 emissions of CO2.

    Land area: 3.717 m2;
    Walled area: 1.568 m2;
    Net floor area: 23.456 m2;
    Net residential area: 9.993 m2;
    Total number of floors: 17;
    Number of residential units: 128;
    Number of parking spaces in basement: 279;
    Green roof: 750m2;
    Renewable sources: solar power units and rainwater collectors;
    Total investment value: EUR 32M;
    Services: architecture, design supervision, participation in engineering, co-investment arrangement, marketing and sales;
    Realisation: 2014  Project's video presentation.

    Project was partialy financed by the EU.             
    Project's webpage.

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